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Marketing Insight - Why you need to track your website?

Without understanding your website visitors, you can never make improve your website and marketing strategy.
GoodAd May 8, 2019

How to measure?

There are many tools available in market. Google Analytics is the most widely used web analytics service. Good news is that itt's free to use!

What can you track?

  1. Behavior
  2. Audience
  3. Acquisition
  4. Conversion
We call them AABC.


  • Geo - language and location
  • Demographic – Age and Gender
  • Audience Interests
  • Technology- browser, service provider, device


which sources do the users come from

  • Organic search
  • Paid search
  • Social media
  • Direct link


  • Page visited
  • Button click
  • Event
  • Video play
  • Duration
  • And more...


Your business target like:
  • Visitor submits a contact form
  • Add item to shopping cart
  • Online payment
  • Visitor subscribes your newsletter

Need more insight?

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