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Which type of Google Ads work the best for you?

GoodAd Apr 25, 2019
There are 5 types of Google Ads displaying in different network and platform. Choosing the right Ads type is important to spend your budget wisely. 3 min read to master Google Ads types.

Google Ads Types

  1. Search
  2. Display
  3. Video
  4. Shopping
  5. Universal App
The campaign type you choose will be based in your desired goal and the type of business you are promoting. Let's check one by one.

1. Search

Search is the most popular network and if you are just starting out it is likely that this will be the network you choose.

Search campaigns display your ads on Google search result pages.  Search is an extremely targeted type of advertising. It allows you to place your ad in front of potential customers, right when they are looking for your service. 

2. Display

Google display network is a collection of websites across the internet that display Google ads on their pages.It reaches over 90% of internet users worldwide.
It is good for is brand awareness and re-marketing. If your goal is to display your ads and promote your brand, then display can be a very cost-effective way of displaying your brand to a huge audience.

3. Video

Video campaigns run primarily on YouTube. Popular promotion types on video are lead generation, branding and even straight to sale.

You will need to create a video for this ads type. Once you get a working video live, the costs can be considerably lower than other Google ads campaign Types.

4. Shopping

Shopping Ads works best for selling products on eCommerce platforms like Shopify. It's because people get to see the product before they click, this means the intent is even higher, so you are only paying for the most qualified clicks.

To get started, you will need to set up a Google Merchant Center account and submit a product feed. 

5. Universal app

By creating universal app campaigns, you can promote your app across specific operation systems. IOS, or Android. The goal of this campaign type is to get more installs or in app actions.

You can run Universal app campaigns on all of the following networks:

  • Search
  • Display (websites and apps)
  • YouTube
  • Google Play.

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